Dress Code For Students
Category: January 18, 2016

Dress Code

Following dress code is to be adhered by all students.

Male Students

  1. Dress/casual Trousers
  2. Jeans (Plain Blue) without any images, graphics & write ups
  3. Dress/Casual Shirts (Half/full sleeves)
  4. T Shirts without any images, messages, graphics & write ups
  5. Dress/Casual shoes or joggers with Socks. (No Sandals)
  6. Shalwar Qameez with shoes (only on Friday)
  7. Suit/Combination
  8. Coat/Pullover/Sweater/Jacket in winter

Female Students

  1. Shalwar Qameez. (No sleeveless)
  2. Hijab, Abaya, Chaddar
  3. Full length Jeans/trousers  with long shirt/Kurta [Knee length] (No tights)
  4. Light Jewlery & light make up
  5. Shoes, Sandals & Joggers
  6. Duppatta/Scarf compulsory with all dresses

In case of non-compliance, the following disciplinary actions will be undertaken

  1. Written warning on 1st occasion
  2. Fine of Rs.5000/- on 2nd occasion
  3. Barring attendance of classes on 3rd occasion
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