Outcome Of The MBBS Program

The MBBS programs aims to produce medical graduates who are able to:

  1. Recognize signs and symptoms of common illnesses in population of different ages from different settings, and provide cost effective treatment to alleviate suffering
  2. Recognize signs and symptoms of chronic and acute illnesses, and refer to appropriate health care provider for appropriate management
  3. Obtain accurate medical history that covers essential aspects of history that relates to individual’s health
  4. Conduct a complete and focused physical examinations in adults and children in a respectful and logical manner
  5. Communicate effectively with patients, relatives, attendants to gather accurate information that will lead to appropriate diagnosis and treatment
  6. Demonstrate team work with colleagues, health care team in both college and health care settings
  7. Perform procedures and skills in accordance with established protocols and standards
  8. Counsel on health promotion to improve the health of individuals, and families including marginalized population
  9. Inculcate and demonstrate ethical and moral values in patient care, research and professional development
  10. Develop life-long learning skills to keep pace with the exponential growth of information in the field of sciences relevant to health of the individual and population at large
  11. Engage in research activity aimed at improvement of quality of health care including behavior modification of individual and community for quality life.
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