General Education


Establishment of Department of General Education at BUHSCK:

Department of General Education has been established at BUHSCK as approved in 45th Academic Council Meeting (ACM) of Bahria University. According to HEC undergraduate policy and PMDC guideline, a mandatory set of 30 credit hours for general education courses shall be comprised of all undergraduate/equivalent degree programs.


General Education Requirements:

The mandatory courses of general education are aimed to prepare students to refine their scholarly abilities to reason and communicate clearly and effectively. The provision of general education courses ensures that every student is acquainted with the broad variety of fields of inquiry and approaches to knowledge and skills. It offers students an intellectual foundation for their academic, professional, and personal attributes while focusing on critical thinking and writing, speaking or quantitative skills.



The department aims to facilitate undergraduate students of all disciplines taught in the campus. Its objectives includes following:

  • To develop them as knowledgeable, research-oriented and skillful with a balanced analytical approach and view.
  • Able them to serve humanity without any racial, regional or religious differences or discrimination.
  • To make them valuable citizens not only as nationals but a source of positive social change globally.



The department is facilitating the effective teaching of General Education subjects across the campus and has provided academic services to all disciplines of Health Sciences equally and smoothly.

The HOD of General Education is Dr. Najm-ul-Sahar Ilyas (PhD Islamic Studies) and faculty includes Mr. Muhammad Faisal Fahim (Biostatistics), Ms. Uzma Shabbir (English) and Mr. Yousuf Sajjad (Pakistan Studies). The department is working under the Director Campus BUHSCK.

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