Department of Community Health Sciences

Prof Dr. Inayat H. Thaver
(MBBS, DCH, MCPS (Paeds),
FCPS (Com. Med)
MSc. (MCH-Lond) & PhD (Lond.)

HOD Community Medicine

The Community Health Sciences (CHS) is a discipline concerned with the study and improvement of the health characteristics of different communities. Community health tends to focus on geographical areas, and includes primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare. Thus, the Department of CHS is endeavoring in training, research and supporting health services in contributing the betterment of the health status of the Pakistani population by producing graduates who can work effectively and efficiently within the constraints of the health system. Graduates are equipped with research and lifelong learning skills that enables them to identify and manage health related problems of families, communities on scientific evidence. Thus, a graduate besides learning clinical skills for treating various diseases, also develops of skills in preventing the diseases and promoting a good health.

The CHS curriculum cover priority health concerns of Pakistan and emerging global health issues that can have an impact on health of Pakistani population. The curriculum has been designed in modular form and include PHC and PHC technologies, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Demography, Survey Methodology, Research Methodology, Health System Evaluation, Immunization and causes of common conditions and prevention such as Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI), diarrhea, malnutrition, reproductive health issues. Department of CHS also deals with infections that are prevalent or emerging in societies; occupational hazards and natural disasters; and emerging global health issues.

Department of CHS provides BUMDC students exposure to primary health care system, non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) working for improved health of concerned communities within Karachi and surrounding catchment areas. The Department also intends to develop a field site for medical students training in primary health care settings. Students in small groups undertake research projects on common medical/health problems, lifestyles, traditions, socioeconomic factors affecting health of families and communities. Faculty members supervise the projects and ensure that theoretical concepts of research are applied in students’ research studies. Continuous feedforwards, presentation of projects before a larger audience, and evaluation are important components of student research activity.

The Department of Community Health Sciences has opportunity to teach the undergraduate students in four out of 5 years of their teaching; this is an indication of the priority and importance given to this Department by BUMDC. The Department also supports teaching of other disciplines and courses within the BUMDC. Recently, a “Students Research Forum” f (SRF) has been launched for developing a research culture among the students. The process has been commenced and soon further updates will be shared. In addition, a “Knowledge & Research Management Resource Centre” (KRM-RC) will soon be established. This will initially be supporting both undergraduate and post-graduate students in BUMDC but will later be offering various services to others outside the campus.

Community Health Sciences4

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