Department of Orthodontics


Prof. Dr Tabassum Ahsan
BDS, FCPS (Orthodontics)
Head of the Department

The study of Orthodontics provides in depth education in the biological, biomechanical and surgical treatment principles related to Orthodontics.

The subject aims to present a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and treatment of jaw discrepancies, crowding of teeth, increased space between teeth, extra or missing teeth, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting habits, premature loss of primary or permanent teeth, cleft palate and related disciplines. It would allow the students to diagnose and prepare treatment plans and deliver comprehensive orthodontic health care services.

The department includes modern orthodontic OPD, reception and waiting area, fully equipped clinical laboratory for appliance construction, plaster work and a cephalometric tracing room. The purpose of teaching this subject at an undergraduate level at BUMDC is to provide students with a balanced academic and clinical experience in the domain of Orthodontics in order to develop comprehensive scientific competence.


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