Department of Oral Biology and Tooth Morphology

Dr. Beenish Fatima
Associate Professor & HOD
BDS, M.Sc (Oral Biology)
Head of Department

Oral Biology is a graduate program in basic sciences, integrated with the curriculum of Second Professional year BDS. It comprises of Oral Histology and Tooth Morphology. This specialty is concerned with the study of the nature of the oral and craniofacial tissues along with the application of basic scientific knowledge to oral tissues in health and diseased state. It is a full year course which includes the study of embryology, growth and development, coupled with details of structure, composition and functions of cells, tissues and organs of the oral cavity. By its nature, Oral Biology overlaps the Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Dental Sciences.

The Department of Oral Biology at BUMDC has an experienced teaching faculty which is challenged to develop new ways to disseminate knowledge that will encourage students to remain lifelong learners. Our diverse teaching faculty and use of innovative teaching strategies such as lectures on multimedia, interactive sessions and educational videos enables us to maintain a comprehensive learning environment. We also conduct assignments and assessments on a periodic basis to evaluate the academic progress of our students.
The laboratory is fully equipped with microscopes for visualizing histological sections of oral tissues, along with tooth models to further enhance their skills on identification of individual teeth. We encourage laboratory-based education to synergize learning and to motivate students to undertake research projects early on in their professional years to foster passion for excelling in their chosen field of specialty in order to build a successful research career in the future. We are committed to meeting the contemporary educational standards and creating a positive learning environment for our students. We also conduct yearly CDE sessions for academic enhancement and to facilitate professional nurturing of students and faculty, in order to build a firm foundation and to sustain the standards for the forthcoming years, thereby keeping up with the latest in dentistry.


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