Principal Physical Therapy

I am feeling very delighted to welcome the DPT students.  It was a historic moment for all of us to start the Physical therapy program at Bahria University in 2017.


BUCPT is uniquely positioned among Physical therapy institutes in Karachi. It is our commitment to make it successful.

Bahria University is chartered by the Government of Pakistan and recognized by HEC. It is one of the best Universities in Pakistan.


Rapid changes are occurring in medical education all over the world. We will try our level best to meet the challenges and achieve international standards. The highly proficient teaching faculty will provide necessary guidance related to learning objectives, effective use of teaching tools and integrated teaching methods which facilitates students to enhance knowledge. All subjects are covered by subject specialists which unique us from other institutions.  The curriculum also includes small group interactive methods like Problem Based Leaving (PBL) which is a modern and scientific teaching strategy. We are committed to provide the best to our students. This University provides the environment to groom students and make them able to approach future goals. BUCPT always provides you with quality education and research opportunities.



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