Nursing College

About College (Pakistan Navy Nursing College)

1. Overview

Excellence, community, and diversity hold significant meaning at the Pakistan Navy Nursing College (PNNC). At PNNC, we firmly believe that the students, faculty, and staff form an integral part of the institution’s essence. PNNC is located at the top floor of Bahria University Health Sciences Campus Karachi (BUHSC (K)), adjacent to PNS SHIFA hospital, defence phase II. It is the sub-unit of Bahria University and registered with Pakistan Nursing & Midwifery Council (PN&MC) with 150 approved seats for the BSN program.

The Mission of PNNC is ‘To prepare compassionate nursing professionals equipped with knowledge, skills and innovative research expertise for holistic patient care of international standards by partnering with health care disciplines.’

PNNC, founded in 1982 exclusively for army cadets, introduced its nursing diploma program in 1987 and the BSN program in 2014. So far, five batches of armed forces nursing students have successfully graduated with a BSN degree. In 2022, the first group of civilian students was admitted alongside the ninth batch of army nursing cadets. This unique aspect of PNNC, educating and training both army and civilian nursing students under a single leadership, highlights the exceptional discipline and quality of our nursing students.

2. Program offered

PNNC offers BSN four years full-time Degree program leading to practice as Advance Registered Nurse which enhances the nursing knowledge, skills and professional attitude. BS Nursing (BSN) program consists of four years comprising of course work and one year internship as per PN&MC and Higher Education Commission (HEC) approved curriculum.

The main program learning objectives are as follows:

3. Skilled HR

At PNNC-BUHSC(K), we are committed to providing our students with hands-on experience and practical exposure at PNS SHIFA, affiliated with BU. It is 732 bedded hospital with a vision to provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost to all socioeconomic classes. It is aligned seamlessly with the PN&MC guidelines to provide quality of care, and skill development needs as well as UN sustainable development goals encompassing good health and well-being. We offer paid internship opportunities for our nursing graduates at PNS SHIFA.

3.1.             Clinical Rotations:

We facilitate clinical rotations, allowing students to immerse themselves in deferent specialty areas as per PN& MC criteria as shown in below chart.

Field visits by PNNC offers a wealth of learning opportunities for students, relevance to curriculum nursing. These visits prompt the students to explore opportunities & experiences that would increase learning about the community through structured community surveys, identifying their needs and implement need based projects to enhance the integration of learning between theory and practice.

3.2.              Internship Opportunities:

The goal of the internship program is aligned with PN&MC. It aims to provide opportunities that support the development of a competent and professional nurse. It assists in the transition of the new nurse into a specialty area of practice by integrating the knowledge, skills and attitudes they have acquired at PNNC and with additional competence in nursing practice in different setting before practicing independently. Through partnerships with PNS SHIFA Hospital, our students gain invaluable experience in a hospital setting.

3.3.              Corporate Advisory Council (CAC)

PNNC have significant linkages with the top healthcare organizations of Karachi. This enables our faculty and students to gain Nursing insight, broaden their horizon and encourages the exploration of nursing opportunities and areas including research & development and carrier ideas.


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