1. Sponsor a Student Scholarship Scheme is introduced at Bahria University with an objective to financially support students from less privileged class of society. For this specific program, University shall approach well off individuals/corporate companies’/donor agencies to financially support fully or partially the needy student(s). Interested sponsors shall be requested to bear the educational, expenses of the student(s) along with boarding/meal/books allowance as per sponsors willingness. Award of scholarship under this category shall be purely on Need based grounds, keeping in view the financial background of the applicant’s family.
  2. This program shall be launched initially for BU students at UG Level excluding MBBS & BDS Program, but once BU starts getting more response PG Programs shall also be included.

There shall be two ways to select deserving students under this scheme;

  1. Sponsor by organization(s)/individual(s) to select/nominate the student(s)
  2. On behalf of Sponsor, Central Scholarship Committee (CSC) chaired by Pro-Rector BU shall shortlist the candidate(s) and submit the recommendation to Rector for his approval. The cases shall be initially processed on similar lines of all other scholarships/Qarz-e-Hasna/student study loan cases which are already being processed through CSC.

Scholarship shall be purely awarded on Need Based Category.

  1. Student shall be awarded scholarship from first semester till completion of the degree program as per the students need/requirement.
  2. In case a student is unable to complete degree requirement within a stipulated time due to certain unavoidable circumstances including not meeting academic requirements as per rules/regulations in vogue or indulging himself in any misconduct/dishonesty, it would be donor or Rector’s discretion to continue his/her subject scholarship
  1. Separate account titled “Bahria University Sponsor A Student” (Account # 5627-5001194316) shall be maintained by Finance Department (HO) for the funds received from individual/group/ organizations/any other donor agency.
  1. Directorate of Student Affairs shall be responsible for overall execution of this scholarship scheme. However, for funds generation, support shall be provided by Endowment and Marketing Directorates along with Senior Management of BU.
  2. Demi Official (DO) letters shall be written to target potential donors/sponsors so as to introduce and encourage them to join hands with BU for this noble cause.
  1. Rector Bahria University shall exercise full powers to amend/ abandon any one or all terms and conditions of subject Policy.
  2. The Policy shall come into effect from the date of approval and liable to be reviewed as and when required.

Vice Admiral Kaleem Shaukat HI (M)

Late Mrs. Anees Fatima Scholarship

Admiral ® Asif Sandela NI (M)

Late Mrs. Ghazala Shahid Scholarship

Mr. Khawaja Sadiq Naveed Danial

Alysa Baig scholarship

Humaira Tubani scholarship

Tariq Muneer Ahmed Scholarship

Kausar Shaheen Scholarship

Bilal Sadiq Scholarship