Sindh Endowment Fund Scholarship

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  1. Govt. of Sindh is providing Scholarships to the needy and meritious students of Sindh, seeking Higher Education in Institutions of Higher Education (undergraduate level programs of Engineering (Electrical, Computer and Software) & Medicine (MBBS & BDS) only) for the academic year 2022, covering cost of admission and tuition fee
  2. The detailed SEEF Scholarship Eligibility Criteria is as following:
    1. The applicant shall be domiciled of Sindh and permanent residence of province of Sindh
    2. The deserving Candidates shall be enrolled in approved Universities /Institutions in academic year 2021-2022
    3. The students with minimum GPA score of 2.5/60% or more
    4. Income certificate shall be certified by the concerned Assistant Commissioner Revenue/FBR. Income certificate verified by any other officer will not be accepted
    5. The Children’s of parents serving in Government service shall be required to submit a service certificate of his/her parent duty issued by the Head of Institute/Department. Following with in below income groups
    6. Students’ parents/guardian having an annual net income, from all sources of not more than the income limit given in the attached advertisement