Interest Free Loan Scheme For Laptop Procurement – BU Students


Investment in youth has been recognized as the best long-term speculation for prosperous future of any nation. Bahria University facilitate its students in different ways to fulfill their dream of becoming successful graduates so as to perform exceptionally good in their practical life.

Laptop is now an important gadget for students to perform their academic and research activities. In this information age, personal computing devices, like a laptop, is a must especially for students at Higher Education level.

Keeping this reality in consideration and realizing its importance BU is launching its Loan policy for Laptop procurement w.e.f. Fiscal year 2020-21. This scheme shall support financially underprivileged students at UG Level to buy laptops as per their academic requirements.

Eligibility Criteria

Following shall be the eligibility criteria;

  •  Loan for laptop procurement shall be offered to the students from 2nd semester to 6th semester students holding minimum CGPA of 2.5 at UG level and incase of annual system student of 2nd year/3rd year with 50% Marks can apply/avail the facility.
  • Selection shall be made based on need assessment of students i.e. those students who cannot afford to buy laptops for their academic use shall be eligible to apply.
  • Two committees one at Campus Level and other at Head Office will evaluate the individual cases and put up the recommendation to Honorable Rector for final approval.

Financial Parameters

An amount of loan up to the limit of Rs. 100,000/- shall be approved and paid to students, over and above expense, in case of student buying a laptop with very high technical specification due to academic & research requirement, shall be borne by student(s) themselves(s).

How to Apply

At the commencement of new semester/ year in case of annual system, DSA office with the support of DIT shall advertise the loan scheme among campuses through which students are to be advised to apply online.

Interested Applicant(s) shall be asked to apply through Application Form along with submission of supporting documents (evidence to evaluate neediness of students), which would include.

  • Salary/pension Certificate in respect of Father/Guardian, Mothers, Brothers & Sisters
  • Telephone bills (Most recent/family residency)
  • Gas Bills (Most recent/family residency)
  • Electricity bills (Most recent/family residency)
  • University transcript
  • NIC copy and 2 passport size photographs
  • Student/Co-borrower/ guarantor’s bank account statement for last 6 month

Failure to Comply with loan repayment

When a student will fail to pay back the Loan, his/her final transcript and degree will not be issued, till the time 100% loan is not recovered.