Benazir Undergraduate Need Base Scholarship

Govt. of Pakistan has announced Benazir  Scholarship Program which facilitates students enrolled in 4-year undergraduate programs overs tuition fee and stipend. The detailed Eligibility Criteria is as following:

  1. Students who are currently enrolled in Undergraduate degree programs
  2. Candidates who have secured admission on merit; Merit means that the student has fulfilled   admission criteria of the respective university in which he/she intends to study.
  3. Age limit will be followed as per university regulations i.e. maximum age under which an applicant is allowed to take admission for offered Undergraduate programs at the university.
  4. Students already availing any other scholarship or grant are ineligible.
  5. Students who have secured admission on Self-sustain/Self- support/Self finance evening programs are ineligible.
  6. Distant learning students are ineligible.
  7. Additionally, All candidates applying for this scholarship shall be notified that income brackets must be Rs. 45000/- monthly and candidates shall only mention their parental income.
  8. Benazir Scholarships hardbound forms should be submitted to respective departments along with supporting documents not later then 10th December, 2019.
  9. Student Deed Agreement Download Now