Paper Review Process

Peer Review Process:

POLARIS – Journal of Maritime Affairs (PJMR) approves research articles by a double blind peer review process. Articles are approved by both internal reviewers and external reviewers.

  • Internal review is carried out by National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) review committee. Internal review process is done to ensure quality of research articles however, it does not influence on the external review process and views on paper are only shared with the authors.
  • In external review an articles has to be approved by two out of three reviewers as per HEC guidelines.

The final decision weightage will be of Editor to accept and reject the article. The status of an article can only be send to the author once the review process is completed which may take up to two to three months. Reviewer has the right to suggest changes in the paper to align it with the scope of the journal or not consider it for the journal on the basis of its relevance, content and language

Once an article is reviewed, an author cannot withdraw its article, if a case would have to make a request to editorial board. Author will be informed about the final decision along with the recommendations from the referee.

Open Access Policy:

The journal adheres to the policy of open access. All articles are free and readily available for academic/research purpose. We expect that the user will give due credits/citation to the authors/publication.

Plagiarism Policy:

Each research paper will be checked against plagiarism through Tunitin before sending it for peer review. The writer will be informed via email about the plagiarism. Less than 19% of similarity is allowed as per the guideline of HEC.

Copy Rights:

All rights reserved to the National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA). An article published in POLARIS-JMR cannot be published in any other website without acknowledging its ownership. Researchers are to use the information from PJMR but proper citation/ referencing is obligatory.

Fee and subscription:

There is no fee for publishing in Polaris – Journal for Maritime Research and for subscription of the journal, please go the this link.