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Unfolding Black and White of China’s BRI in the Indian Ocean: Narratives, Perceptions and Public Diplomacy. DOI: 10.53963/pjmr.2021.001.3

Nong Hong

Exploring the Role of Blue Economy in Sustainable Development: a Perspective from Pakistan. DOI: 10.53963/pjmr.2021.006.3

Shahzad Ali Gill, Jawad Iqbal

Maritime Security Dynamics of Archipelagic States: A Case of Maldives. DOI: 10.53963/pjmr.2021.002.3

Abdul Latheef Ali, Naghmana Zafar

The US Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy; Implications for China (2017-present). DOI: 10.53963/pjmr.2021.011.3

Maheera Munir,  Aiysha Safdar

The Strategic Maritime Environment of the Indian Ocean: An Analysis of the Challenges and Prospects for Pakistan. DOI: 10.53963/pjmr.2021.003.3

Sehrish Qayyum

Strategic Impact of Submarines in Indo – Pak Wars –A Comparative Analysis. DOI: 10.53963/pjmr.2021.005.3

Naveed A Khan

Effects of Asymmetric Information on Decision Dilemma in formulating Maritime Financial Strategy and Sensitive Capital Investments. DOI: 10.53963/pjmr.2021.004.3

Shoukat Ali,  Ayesha Shoukat,  Shahid Aslam Mirza

Opinion Articles
Asia-Pacific Strategic Dialogue – Webinar Series

Vice Admiral (Retd) Asaf Humayun HI(M)
Former Director General National Institute of Maritime Affairs

Historical Perspective of Shipping and Insurance

Captain Anwar Shah
Former Director General Ports and Shipping