About Us


National Centre of Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR) was established on 13 January 2007 as Karachi component of National Institute of Maritime Affairs(NIMA) under the direction of Government of Pakistan. The Center is now renamed as National Institute of Maritime Affairs (Karachi).

The establishment of NIMA was conceived in order to meet the objectives of National Maritime Policy. The mission of NIMA is to be a national think tank acting as a repository of maritime information


  • To carry out applied research on maritime sector with an aim to recommend policy changes and practical steps for the development and advancement of maritime sectors of Pakistan.
  • Coordination with stakeholders at all tiers to synergize the research efforts in maritime arena.
  • Engage relevant ministries, government officials to promote maritime policy/ decision makers/ maritime awareness among stakeholders.
  • Produce research publications of international standards.
  • Endeavor to obtain grants from government/ private sector donors.
  • Establish collaboration and linkages with similar institute in other parts of the world to further Pakistan’s Maritime interests.

For details please visit NCMPR website http://bahria.edu.pk/ncmpr or Website of National Institute if Maritime Affairs (NIMA) https://bahria.edu.pk/nima/