Based on the German model, Research Institute for Smart Integrated Logistics (SIL) is the first such initiative in Pakistan to holistically address integrated logistics topics through applied research and living labs at the industry. SIL aims to address challenges and provide solutions for the immediate benefit for companies and networks. Tailored interdisciplinary teams deliver cross-industry and customer-specific Logistics Research and further support in delivering Strategies, Planning, Management and Execution solutions. The initial cross-domain focus areas are CPEC and Beyond. Multimodal Logistics Harmonization (Rail, Road, Air and Sea), Maritime Logistics and Services Excellence, Industrial & Defense Supply Chain Management and Integrated Industrial Zones. Further domains under SIL include, supply network design, fleet management, materials handling, warehouse management, simulation supported business, traffic systems, intelligent logistics, infrastructure logistics, green logistics and digital logistics. Made-to-measure teams create cross industry and customer-specific solutions in the area of Smart Integrated Logistics. SIL has 20 direct staff, and for interdisciplinary projects, the Institute can draw a large number, about 16,000 staff, from affiliated local (Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Gwadar) and an extended international network of collaborating institutes in Europe, Americas, Australia and Africa.

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SIL Research & Services Portfolio

Karachi and Gwadar Ports’ Optimization to 4th Generation Operations

Railway Freight Transport Growth, Optimization and Planning

Active Fleet Management and Autonomous Tracking and Routing

Smart Industrial Zones and Logistic Linkages

SCM Human Capital Development and Training platforms

Swarm Intelligence for Energy Efficient Logistics

Mobile and Fixed Assets Tracking

SIL Key Researchers

Dr. Ali Imtiaz

Dr. Saleem Aslam

Dr. Sabeen Hussain Bhatti

Dr. Hafiz Mushtaq