The objective of Biomedical Research Center enables the Scientists, Medical Doctors and Clinicians to explore diagnostic and various treating ways in basic and clinical research for improvement of health care system. BRC focuses on providing advanced understanding of biological processes at the molecular level from genomics to proteomics through adaptation of modern techniques.

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RCBS Research & Services Portfolio

Exploration of Diagnostic Significance of Bone Markers in Osteoporosis

Synthesis of Therapeutic Inhibitor of Platelet Aggregation

Value added Enzyme based formulations against gastrointestinal disorders

Method Development and Validation for Monosodium Glutamate in Spices

Identification of Lead Compound For Drug Development

Development and Validation for Cosmetic Products

RCBS Key Researchers

Dr. Mehreen Lateef

Dr. Yasmeen Zamir

Ms. Marium

Dr. Shizma Junejo

Ms. Shafaq Mahmood

Syeda Ailya Batool