Maintaining close relations with China is an integral part of Pakistan's foreign policy. Pakistan and China have placed considerable importance on the maintenance of an extremely close and supportive relationship. Chinese cooperation with Pakistan has reached economic high points, with substantial Chinese investment in Pakistani infrastructural expansion including the Pakistani deep-water port at Gwadar. The biggest development off late to open the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has changed the situation completely as China has carved an enormous plan for economic growth and development in Pakistan. The Pak China Study & Research Center (PCSRC) has been envisaged to be the central point for multidisciplinary academic, research, entrepreneurial, business and collaborative activities in Pakistan with respective Chinese counterparts. PCSRC at Bahria University (BU) aims to address key challenges in a variety of areas spread over a swath of scientific, technological, business, logistic and cultural domains. To this end, PCSRC will constitute four interconnected nodes - Research & Innovation Center; Collaborative Facilitation Centre; Chinese Language Center; Culture & Cohesion Center. PCSRC is designed to focus on key areas of Pak China collaboration, identify prospective challenges, ideate plans and execute projects through in-house as well as external resources for knowledge production and providing key solutions. With a strong portfolio of development projects in the mentioned domain, and strong international and national pool of research experts, BU’s PCSRC is currently working in multiple research endeavors in collaboration with public and private stakeholders from China and Pakistan.

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PCSRC Research & Services Portfolio

Maritime Affairs

Business Facilitation Center

Environmental Sciences

International Relations Wing (IRW)

Mandarin Language Center

Media and Cultural Studies


Information & Communication Technologies

PCSRC Key Researchers

Dr. Yasmin Nergis

Dr Rizwana Abbasi

Dr Azhar Ahmed

Dr. Zubair Iqbal

Dr. Ali Imtiaz

Dr. Safia Mushtaq

Dr. Rizwan ul Haq

Dr. Muhammad Ramazan

Dr. khalid javed

Dr. Shujjaat Khan

Dr. Muhammad Muzammal

Prof. Dr. Shehzad Khalid