Bahria University's MINDS research group brings together researchers from the domain of Mobile Intelligent Systems, Interactions (involving post-desktop and post-mobile interactions between humans and smart devices), and Smart environments (such as smart grids, smart farms, smart transportation and smart factory or industry 4.0). Mobile Intelligent Systems: Within the Mobile Intelligent Systems research domain, our priority focus is mobile systems, autonomous systems, and robotics. Interactions: Within the Interactions research domain, our primary focus is on designing novel interaction techniques to enable people to interact with computing devices. One of the major thrust in this domain is eye-based human computer interactions, whereby our researchers are designing novel techniques and methods to enable people to interact with computing devices using eye gaze, eye blink or a hybrid of these approaches. Another major thrust within this research area is learnability and accessibility. Our researchers are working on creating techniques and methods to assist special people to interact with computing devices and the world in general and also to enable these individuals to learn irrespective of their physical and mental shortcomings. Networks: Within the Networks research domain, our priority focus is SDNs, Network Security and Network Simulations. Distributed Smart Systems: Within the Distributed Smart Systems research domain, traceability and integrity and security are major requirements. The traceability requirements are typically solved by applying blockchain based solutions. The group has already designed and developed blockchain-based solutions to track counterfeit drugs in the pharma industry, and money tracking within charitable organizations such as WFP and BISP to name a few. Whereas the security requirements are addressed by designing and developing complex and custom-built security infrastructures and architectures for these smart environments. In addition to this, the group works on designing, developing and researching on different aspects of Smart Factory, Smart Transport Networks, Smart Farms, and Smart Grids.

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MINDS Research & Services Portfolio

Smart Gloves: Arduino Based Gloves for Sign Language Urdu Interpretation

EM Radiation Levels Emitting from Cellular Base Stations

Cyber Security for Power Grid Systems

Reducing Road Accidents using Alert Messages

Ontological Approach For Emotion Analysis

Ontology-Driven Context-Aware Game-Based

Mobile Augmented Reality Plant Inquiry Learning System

MINDS Key Researchers

Mr. Azmat Khan

Dr. Bilal Hameed

Dr. Osama Rehman

Dr. Sohaib Ahmed