The Bahria Multimedia Data Analytics Research (MDAR) Center brings together researchers across the areas of computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, medical image analysis, signal analysis, blockchain, and big data analytics. MDAR includes over a dozen PhD researchers and their associated graduate students pursuing research on fundamental advances in the above areas as well as cross-cutting themes including multi-modal deep learning, blockchain data analytics, and connecting machine learning with variety of scientific disciplines including medicine (disease detection/prediction support based on variety of medical imaging and signals), psychological assessment, and the humanities. Researchers at MDAR focus on developing Bahria University’s niche research expertise and recognition by applying analytics-oriented methodologies to study critical problems of high national and global value, with an emphasis on solving the local problems. Computer Vision is one of the strengths of the researchers working under MDAR thematic area where they simulate the human visual system with high level understanding of objects and scenes. The goal is to impart human intelligence and instincts to machines exploiting the pattern recognition techniques. From driverless cars to remote sensing, finger print recognition to handwriting/text recognition, and sign language recognition to video surveillance, computer vision enjoys a huge and diverse set of applications. The recent advancements in deep learning have revolutionized the computer vision and pattern recognition research allowing not only the introduction of novel applications but contributing significantly to make these a part of our everyday life. Researchers at MDAR have given prime focus on handling our national language in different domains including but not limited to Natural Language Processing systems, Urdu OCR, detection and recognition of Urdu text in low quality video streams and semantic analysis based on big Urdu data. We also focus on integrating vision and analytics system with other domains including robotics where researchers are working on different projects including Robotic Fruit Harvesting, Underwater Vehicle docking Systems, Home service Robots etc. Researchers working under the thematic research area of MDAR have produced many high-quality impact factor publications and are engaged in various funded research projects with national/international collaborators.

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MDAR Research & Services Portfolio

Content Based video indexing and Retrieval

Activity Recognition & Anomaly Detection

Surveillance Imaging Enhancement Using Thermal Texturing

Automated Detection of Neuropsychological Impairments From Image-Based Visio-Constructive Screening Test

Automated Cow’s Teat Detection For Fast Cupping Using Moving Cameras

Clinical Diagnostic Imaging

Automated Lungs Segmentation and Tuberculosis Detection

WoundCare Vision System: Dermal Imaging

Automated Detection of Macular Edema

Automated Maculopathy Analysis using TensorGraphs

Urdu Stemmer

Urdu Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Bio Skeleton

Epilepsy Predictor

Mobility Analytics on Blockchain

Sentiment Search Engine

My Virtual Assistant

Motion-based Aircraft simulators (PAF/USA)

Town Planning using Big Data Analytics

Targeting Social Influencers and Optimizing Niche

Analysis and Verification of Hyper-Spectral Signature Images

Video Forgery Detection

Semantic Video Retrieval

Analysis of Historical Manuscripts

Classification of Demographic Attributes from Facial Images

Image Authentication and Forensics

A Smart Conversational Agent for Medical Diagnosis

3D image Generation

Detection and Classification of Malware

Terrain Classification from Satellite Imagery

Handwriting for Assessment of Cognitive Development in Children

Early Detection of Neurological Disorders through Computerized Analysis of Handwriting – An Application to Parkinson’s Disease

Analysis of Physiological Signals for Emotion Charting

MDAR Key Researchers

Prof. Dr. Shehzad Khalid

Prof. Dr. Imran Siddiqi

Dr. Muhammad Muzammal

Dr. Amina Jameel

Dr. Shujjaat Khan

Dr Awais Ahmed

Dr. Sumaira Kausar

Dr. Samabia Tehsin

Dr. Taimur Hassan

Ali Mirza

Adeel M Syed