The research Institute of Innovative Solutions through Professional Psychology (ISPP) aims to improve the health and well-being of individuals, communities and organizations with emphasis on designing, implementing and evaluating innovative and sustainable plans focusing on overcoming all obstacles leading to personal and professional growth and recovery. The ISPP aims to formulate and test advanced therapeutic techniques for the benefit of every demographic, ranging from clinical population and special children to organizational employees. Our focus is to create specialized programs in alignment with changing trends in psychology which can deliver on the promise of improving the overall quality of life of the masses. ISPP aspires to become the leading institute which provides the best of services on both individualistic and collective levels of the society. Our core values are integrated with empowering various communities and ethnic minorities and making mental health indiscriminately accessible to people from all walks of life. Our team is constantly involved in helping you make the right decisions in your personal and professional lives by using various discoveries from psychology and contributing to the field with latest innovations in mental health services. The ISPP comprises of some of the most prominent mental health professionals in the country who work tirelessly for the improvement and awareness of the field.

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ISPP Research & Services Portfolio

Testing the Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Reducing Self-Harm

Automation of Diagnostic tool for Alzheimer’s disease

Identification and Assessment of Adult Dyslexia.

Positive Psychology Manuals and audios for improving subjective well-being

Dementia Roadmap for Pakistan: Research Topic Prioritizing Exercise

Manual in Improving Mental Health of Mothers of Children with Autism.

Designing and execution of assessment centers for Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC)

Analysis of Stunted Students from Primary Grade Learner using Battery based Adaptive Achievement Test

Identification of Emerging Problems in Communities, & their Solutions

Testing Efficacy of Latest Innovations in Psychological Intervention and Counseling

Consumer Behavior Predictive Analytics through Market-Based Research and Focused Groups

Development of Organizational Culture and Appraisal Programs

Development and Application of Customized Counseling &Psychological Intervention Modules for Individuals, Groups and Communities

Development of need based psychological and behavioral assessment programs

Planning and Execution of Research Based Marketing Programs and Customized Employee Development Programs

ISPP Key Researchers

Dr. Uzma Manzoor

Prof. Dr. Zainab F. Zadeh

Dr. Zainab Hussain Bhutto

Dr. Noshi Iram Zaman

Dr. Kiran Bashir Ahmad

Dr. Urooj Sadiq