IBMS aims at identifying clinical diseases and providing solutions to them. New diseases are evolving with changing life styles especially in developing countries where the disease pattern and type are different from the developed countries. The objectives of IBMS is to collaborate with hospitals and pharmaceutical industry to fill the gap of knowledge by research and reasoning. Challenging areas are increasing mortality and morbidity of children under 5 years of age, increasing prevalence of carcinoma cases and nutritional deficiencies in women of reproductive ages leading to a cumbersome old age life.

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IBMS Research & Services Portfolio

Algorithm for Polycystic Ovaries And Osteoporosis

Introducing Treatment Plan for Carcinoma

Identifying Blast Victims

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Establishing Tonsillar Grading in Sleep Apnea

Formulating Nutrients for Preventing Congenital Anomalies

A Diagnostic Criterion for Glaucoma

IBMS Key Researchers

Dr. Ambreen Usmani

Prof. Dr. Aisha Qamar

Dr. Yasmeen Salman