Bahria University started a small environmental laboratory in 2007 in Karachi Campus to service of local textile industries on their wastewater treatment solutions. Soon after its recognition from federal Environmental protection agency in 2008 began a journey that would see a small Lab become one of the largest, most highly respected, commercial laboratory services in Pakistan. Following rapid growth and diversification in 2008 after winning a project from Higher Education Commission (HEC), ERC expanded its services across the country. In 2010 ERC achieved another milestone through winning a Thar coal exploration project was based for its expansion and capacity building in area of mining and mineral testing infrastructure facility. Whilst ERC has seen its services expanded by both geographic and end market diversification, the Center has never lost sight of its core values.

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ERC Research & Services Portfolio

Tailored Made Services

Drinking Water Testing

Aqua Toxicity Testing

Ground Water Testing

Inorganic, Organic and Metals Testing

Trade Waste, and Wastewater Analysis

Air, Indoor and Ambient Quality Testing

ERC Key Researchers

Dr. Yasmin Nergis

Mughal Sharif

Jawad Abdullah Butt

Mr. Ahmad Jamil Qureshi