We, the E-Learning Research Group, aim to introduce a uniform learning environment in our country’s basic education system which includes lectures, practice material and assessments in electronic format.  One of our projects, e-learning system for elementary education, delivers computer based lectures developed from paper based curriculum and activities and assessments in the shape of learning games for students to learn while playing. We also provide a response analysis engine for early identification of psychological disorders and a measure about the I/Q and E/Q of each student. Our research and range of solutions provide assistance at various levels of research and development of learning and education.

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E-Learning Research & Services Portfolio

Qalum Guru – An early Education Assistant

Emotions Analysis

Paper-based Data Analysis for Psychological Disorders

Achievement Tests for verifying Stunting in Students

Online System for Preparation of MCQ based Evaluations

E-Learning Key Researchers

Dr Tamim Ahmed Khan

Dr. Uzma Manzoor

Dr. Noshi Iram Zaman

Dr Awais Majeed

Dr. Raja M. Suleman