Director Message

Proud of its extraordinary roster of former researchers and its past successes in the research arena, Bahria University (BU) is unequivocally very much focused on the future: advancing knowledge and exploring new fields of practice in Natural and Applied Sciences, Medicine, Computer & Software Engineering, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, etc. BU has a long tradition of engaging with their colleagues and students to work across disciplines for intensive research activities. It is known nationwide for its truly remarkable research programs that reflect the expertise, creativity and initiative of the faculty who set the research agenda. It is believed that research and innovation are the crucial precursors of country’s development as they define its pace towards modernism in terms of technological growth. BU, keeping this overarching thought at its backdrop has remained resilient in playing its fundamental role in improving the technological sphere of Pakistan through its high research activities and innovative approach. To lead in education today, it requires a passionate and resilient commitment and a deep research-based expertise. Promising and ‘high research university’ can become a significant factor in belonging to the ranks of the great if we work together in a friendly and positive atmosphere, and continue contributing to mutual prosperity of our country. This online source of R&D/ORIC at Bahria University familiarizes its incumbent faculty, students and potential researchers with ORIC; the research entity in BU Headquarters that works zealously to support the research activities taking place in it. It also acquaints researchers with their relevant departments, areas of research and most importantly the research groups’ operating at BU. I welcome your interest in the programs, and this expanding community of leaders. I also invite you to visit Bahria University in person and also visit BU ORIC webpage for the latest updates on research endeavors and initiatives undertaken by Bahria University.


Director Research, Innovation & Commercialization (RIC)