CPTS aims to identify the target sites for use of drugs in existing and emerging diseases, drug delivery through different methods and provision of alternative and superior drugs to patients who are encountering resistance or are unable to tolerate them. Modern medicine relies heavily on drugs as the main tool of therapeutics to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. Identification of appropriate drug target sites in disease processes enables their use in a justified manner with provision of maximum benefits and minimum adverse effects. Accordingly, the group is working on newer use of conventional drugs, identification of chemicals as potential new drugs and exploring drugs that have the potential to behave as a better, easily available and cost effective alternative for use by the community. CPTS is trying to achieve its objectives by collaborating with the pharmaceutical industry related to drug safety profile, drug delivery systems to deliver drugs directly to the target site, preparation of nano-particles and sustained release long acting drugs.

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CPTS Research & Services Portfolio

Treating Infertility with Innovation

Potential Benefits of Vitamin C in Diabetes

Herbal Medicines in Joint Pain

Treating Bed Wetting in Children

CPTS Key Researchers

Prof. Dr. Nasim Karim

Prof. Dr. Khalid Mustafa

Dr. Talea Hoor

Dr. Syed Ijaz Hussain Zaidi

Prof. Dr Sajid Abbas

Prof. Dr. Shakeel Ahmed