The Centre for Media Research, Production and Commercialization (CMRPC) is making all efforts to synergize creativity in media production, market policy-oriented research and bring forth the element of innovative professional training aimed at creativity and knowledge at a larger canvas. The Center is striving for a diverse collaborative ecology for maintaining professionalism and marketability. The entrepreneurship at the center is a major source for converting knowledge, ideas and inventions into successful products and services. Injecting innovative knowledge into the media practice is the golden key of CMRPC. Faculty, students and media practitioners working in the Center have already successfully developed and deployed a wide range of R&D projects and media production businesses. These modules taught and the services are delivered by highly qualified faculty and professionals from the field. Skill orientation are imparted through the latest media labs with state-of-the-art technology. The Center provides a platform where we produce future media professionals including TV Producer/Director, TV Presenter, Cameraperson, Editor, Graphic Designer, Panel Producer, Writer, Coordinator, Broadcast Journalist, Digital Media Content Producer, Marketer and Researcher. Top most priority at CMRPC is to develop strong linkages with Media & other related organizations, with a vision to provide trained resource to our media industry. With more than 5 decades of diverse experience in media industry along with 100 of young trained talented individuals, the CMRPC team has the capacity to produce Broadcast Quality Programs for TV Channels, Documentary Films, Talk Shows, Investigative Reports, Short Films, Tele-Films, TV Commercials, TV Plays and Full Fledge Media Campaigns.

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CMPRC Key Researchers

Dr. Syed Abdul Siraj

Mr. Waheed Hussain

Dr. Shabir Hussain

Mr Nadeem rao

Mr. Adil Akhtar

Mr. Shehzad Badar

Mr. Mirza Imran