Economic entities may it be individuals, institutions, or economies aspire to prosper and grow in material terms. The mandate may vary being a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, but the financial health is imperative to achieve the very purpose for which such organizations are formed.It is imperative for an organization to have an aligned financial strategy with that of its vision and mission. The strategic misalignment not only turns a promising commercial proposition in to a non-promising one, but also may result in deficit / losses. Any sustained pattern in losses leads to the financially challenging times resulting in defaults and foreclosures. The Center for Financial Strategy and Solutions (CFSS) has been formed solely with the purpose of providing research based solutions to the aspirant stakeholders. These solutions are offered in terms of business research, professional consulting, and trainings for capacity enhancement. The research, consulting, and training interventions are positioned to yield the tangible benefits measurable in quantified outcome. These interventions are targeted to inflate the profits / surpluses by ensuring an efficient delinquency management, designing optimum cost of doing business, ensuring higher IRR, and justifying the design of financial operations in line with the financial objectives. Financial solutions made simple, easily comprehendible, and conveniently applicable is what CFRSS is all about.

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CFSS Research & Services Portfolio

CFSS Key Researchers

Mr. Khalid Mumtaz Khan

Dr. Smareen

Mr. Osman Bin Saif