The CFD group is well organized leading research cluster that is working on modeling and simulation of heat and fluid flow phenomena through latest computational techniques. Major contribution of this research group can have a significant role at the industrial level, particularly: in combustion, heat exchanger, automobile, aerodynamics, airfoil, laminar and turbulent flow, nanotechnology, thermodynamics etc. For simulation, latest techniques are under consideration for instance: Finite Element Method (FEM), Control Volume finite element method (CVFEM), Finite difference method (FDM), immersed boundary method, Least square Galerkin method, collocation method, Homotopy analysis and perturbation method, domain decomposition method, etc.  Apart from the national level collaboration, this group is working with well-known researchers working at Internationally renowned institutions/research centers. The researchers who are collaborating with this group belong to following countries: Australia, China, Turkey, United Kingdom, UAE, Malaysia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Georgia and Canada. The aim of this group is to develop the mathematical models and simulation of complex nature engineering problems based on latest techniques.

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CFM Research & Services Portfolio

Modeling and Simulation At Surface of Engine Block

Heat Transfer in Innovative Tabulator with Twisted Tape

Analysis of Fluid-Particle Interaction in the Nanofluid

Heat and Fluid Flow in the Presence of NanoParticles

Simulation of Viscous- Quantum-HydroDynamical Models in Semiconductor

Heat Exchanger for Heat Recovery System

CFM Key Researchers

Dr. Muhammad Ramazan

Dr. Rizwan ul Haq

Dr. Jafar Husnain