Circuit design covers systems ranging from complex electronic systems to the individual transistors within an integrated circuit. Moore's law has driven the worldwide semiconductor industry; as such, the expectation of continued device scaling drove fundamental research on physics, materials, devices, interconnect, leading to an enormous and diverse range of commercial electronics. As we move into the era of nanoscale devices, however, scaling-as-usual is under significant duress. The devices are smaller, but many aspects of their performance deteriorate: for example, leakage increases, gain decreases, and sensitivity to unavoidable small fluctuations in the manufacturing process rises dramatically. The Circuit and Signal Processing (CASP) Group in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Bahria University, Islamabad Campus focusses on scientific theory, analysis, design and implementation of circuits, and the application of circuit to systems and signal processing. The key research directions in circuit domain include but not limited to hardware implementation of baseband wireless communication, cryptographic algorithms, FPGA-based cyber security solutions, EMI issues in high-speed serial links and visible light communication system. The work of CASP research group in signal processing domain includes information processing as well as the theory and application of filtering, coding, transmitting, estimating, detecting, analyzing, recognizing, synthesizing, recording, and reproducing signals to solve real world problems. One of the salient features of this group is its capacity to undertake and deliver product oriented projects. In this regard, projects have been delivered to Military and Industrial Partners such as Pakistan Air Force, NESCOM, Maritime Technologies Complex.

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CASP Research & Services Portfolio

Flexible and Scalable Turbo Receiver

ACryp-Proc: Flexible Asym-metric Crypto Processor for point Multiplication.

Advanced Petrophysical Analysis Framework

Ultra light weight RFID Authentication Protocol

Wave forms for Future Wireless Communication

Suppression of CM Noise in High-Speed SERDES Links

Crypt-analysis of Ultra lightweight Mutual Authentication Protocol for Radio Frequency Identification Enabled IOT Networks

Analysis of PCG Signals for the Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Abnormalities

Efficient Hardware Architectures for Scalar Multiplication on Elliptic Curves

FPGA and RSD ECC Point Multiplication Accelerators

Apple harvester robot

CASP Key Researchers

Dr. Muhammad Najam Ul Islam

Dr. Atif Raza Jafri

Dr. Khawaja Qasim Maqbool

Dr. khalid javed

Ms. Madiha Khalid

Mr. Imran fareed

Dr. Taimur Hassan