The Bahria University Centre of Advanced Internet of Things (IoT) (CAIR) Systems is a hub for university-industry collaboration, focused on learning, research and hands-on investigation to foster deeper understanding, accelerated innovation and development, and successful deployment and adoption of IoT technologies and applications. We have multidisciplinary teams of faculty and students from different National and International universities of engineering domain, computer science, and other disciplines working on projects allowing for a unique opportunity to explore, extend, and innovate with emerging technologies. The Center for Advanced IoT Research brings together academic researchers and leading companies to engage in thought leadership, breakthrough research and knowledge-sharing activities. The aim is to foster deeper understanding, accelerated innovation, and successful deployment of IoT and industrial analytics. The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the convergence of three major and irreversible technology trends, which are -namely (1) embedded sensing/smart devices, (2) pervasive connectivity (including mobility and cloud computing), and (3) real-time analytics and contextual intelligence. The ability to collect and share relevant information across all levels (ranging from factory devices to enterprise systems across the supply chain), coupled with the ability to make real-time decisions, results in an unprecedented convergence of information technology and operations technology that can deliver quantum leaps in productivity and agility.

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CAIR Research & Services Portfolio

LiFi Based IoT Network for Infant Monitoring & Security

Water Quality Management System using IOT

Device to Device Communication for IoT Devices

IoT Device for Meat Classification

Air Control Monitoring IoT Device

In-Vehicle Infotainment Management System in IOT Networks

Very High -Speed Li-Fi Communication

Optimal Transmission Using Fog-Edge Computing

Implementation of IoT Management Protocol in Visible Light Communication Networks

CAIR Key Researchers

Dr. Saleem Aslam

Dr. Muneeb Gohar

Dr. Taimur Hassan