Bahria University Karachi campus established the Aquatic Diagnostic & Research Center (ADRC) for the commercial testing service of seafood in line with the international trade requirements and standards. ADRC offers a wide range of lab testing services with an emphasis on risk assessment for different types of seafood and their quality management. It is a multidisciplinary research center with four units, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, and Aquaculture. Seafood Safety is one of the largest challenges in international trade and consumer safety continues to be a growing concern. ADRC provides commercial testing services, customized research on and off-site consultancy services, including Business Biodiversity Offset Program (BBoP) training, guidance on food regulations, composition assessments, additive evaluations, disease diagnosis, Halal food testing, toxicology, DNA barcoding, and nutrition profiling in fresh or tin-packed seafood products. Our state-of-the-art laboratories maintain optimum standards in seafood testing, saving you ample time to focus on your business to maintain the standards and regulations regarding food safety, quality, traceability, and closely related to brand policy and targeted market.

  • Water & Soil Testing for Aquaculture
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Bacterial load identification
  • Viral identification
  • Biochemical analysis
  • Heavy metal identification
  • DNA isolation
  • PCR analysis
  • Covid-19 testing in food-related items
  • Product development
  • Nutritional profiling
  • Chloramphenicol testing
  • Aquaculture consultancy for fish and shrimp farming.
  • Mangrove rehabilitation
  • Cage Aquaculture
  • Microbiology Unit
  • Molecular Biology Unit
  • Biochemistry Unit
Aquaculture Unit

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ADRC Research & Services Portfolio

DNA Barcoding of Marine Organism

Study of Harmful Algal Blooms

Mangroves Rehabilitation Programme

Viral Disease of Penaeid-Shrimp

Mobilization of Marine Fauna Due to Urbanization

Seafood Safety & Security According to International and Halal Standards

Waste Water Pollution

Pakistan Fisheries Revitalization

ADRC Key Researchers

Dr. Naveed Ahmad (Head of ADRC)

Ms. Aisha Qureshi Lab Assistant

Ms. Ayesha Omer