ADL provides a wide range of testing services to support the fishing and aquaculture industries as well as academia. The same center is responsible and credited for lifting the ban on shrimp exports for the first time in Pakistan.  ADL provides an unparalleled level of excellence in quality testing of seafood as compared to its competitors. Our state-of-the-art laboratory maintains optimum standards in seafood testing, saving you ample time to focus on your business. Lab Testing is an objective evaluation of seafood products against international testing protocols and standards. Moreover, lab testing determines whether products are safe and meet consumers’ expectations. It is also a key performance indicator of product sourcing, processing and distribution. Seafood Safety is one of the largest challenges in international trade and consumer safety continues to be a growing concern. With the globalization of the seafood market, multiplicity of seafood products and consumption means, it has become increasingly complex for producers, processors, exporters and importers to update their practices and respect all standards and regulations regarding food safety, quality and traceability.

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ADL Research & Services Portfolio

DNA Barcoding of Marine Biodiversity

Study of Harmful Algal Blooms

Mangroves Rehabilitation Programme

Viral Disease of Penaeid-Shrimp

Mobilization of Marine Fauna Due to Urbanization

Seafood Safety & Security According to International and Halal Standards

Waste Water Pollution

Pakistan Fisheries Revitalization

ADL Key Researchers

Dr. Safia Mushtaq

Dr. Saima Majeed

Ms Zehra Fatima

Ms. Ayesha Omer