International Linkages
Last updated on March 11th, 2019





Bahria University has academic partnerships with several Universities across the globe focusing on different areas of collaboration including:

  • Exchange of Faculty and students
  • Exchange of research fellows
  • Joint research projects
  • Joint conferences and seminars
  • Joint curriculum development
  • Sharing / exchange of information & resources
  • Staff Development
  • Invitation to events
  • Students’ visits

The partnership agreements are in shape of generalized MoUs, incorporating above areas of collaboration, providing a platform to engage in joint academic activities. Faculty, Staff and Students of Bahria University, interested in pursuing any academic activity with BU partner Universities, are encouraged to contact the International Office of Bahria University.

International Student Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy with YASAR University

Research Opportunities

List of partner Universities


  1.  AIMST University, Malaysia
  2. Al-Khawarizimi Intl. College, UAE (Undergraduate programs only)
  3. Chabahar Maritime University, Iran (Maritime studies only)
  4. Dalhousie University, Canada (Maritime studies only)
  5. Damghan University, Iran
  6. Dogus University, Turkey
  7. Edith Cowan University, AUS (Articulation agreement for BBA)
  8. Erzurum Technical University, Turkey
  9. Fatih University, Turkey
  10. Hakkari University, Turkey
  11. International College Beijing, China (Management Sciences only)
  12. Institute of Oriental Studies, Azerbaijan (Maritime studies only)
  13. International University of Business, Agriculture & Technology, Bangladesh
  14. King’s College – Corbett Center, UK (Maritime studies only)
  15. MIT, USA (Agreement for Open resource sharing)
  16. Tongji University, China (School of Political Sciences & IR)
  17. Trieste University, Italy (Research project on Environmental Sciences)
  18. University of Bedfordshire, UK
  19. University of Greenwich, UK
  20. University of Idaho, USA (Maritime studies only)
  21. University of Leicester, UK
  22. University of Northampton, UK
  23. University of Nottingham, UK
  24. University of Sirnak, Turkey
  25. University of Wollongong, AUS
  26. Xuzhou Normal University, China
  27. York St. John University, UK
  28. Yasar University, Turkey