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Rules / Policy

Liquidate Damage and Fine Policy

Liquidate Damage and Fine Policy on violation of terms and conditions of the Book Bank is appended below:

  1. If the borrower fails to return books on time, he/she shall be liable to pay fine of Rs.10/- per day for each book.
  2. In case of loss of book, the borrower is required to either replace the book or have to pay double cost as per prevailing market price.
  3. If any book found damaged, defaced, pages torn / turned or mutilated at the time of return of the book then such books will not be accepted and the member will have to replace the same or pay actual / current cost of the book.
  4. In case the lost / misplaced book is obsolete and not available from the market, then dual amount of the lost book is to be deposited in the Account Office.
  5. If any book found with loose binding at the time of return, then the student has to pay Rs.250/- as binding charges. The amount collected will be deposited in the Account Office.
  6. It is compulsory for the students to return all the books and get clearance from the Library, prior to leaving the University.

General Rules:

The general rules/regulations to be exercised for the Book bank are appended below:

  1. All the students of the Bahria University are entitled to become members and can draw books from the Book Bank.
  2. Membership to the Book Bank will be granted upon completion of prescribed Library application form.
  3. Depending upon the availability of the sets of books the priority will be given to the students who are most deserving.
  4. Books can be loaned for a period of whole semester.
  5. A delay fine will be charged from students keeping the book or books beyond the prescribed period at the rate of Rs. 10/- per day per book.
  6. Books issued to the members are non-transferable.
  7. If any student availing the facility loses or damages the book he/she shall replace the Volume(s) with new book (or pay the current cost of the book plus fine, if any, as may be directed by authority).
  8. Correct BU e-mail address is to be provided while filling the library membership form.