International Book Vendors

Library Vendors:

  1. Amazon Online Book Store
  2. Barnes & Noble
  3. Eswar Books India
  4. First and Second Books India
  5. 786books US Online Book Store (Urdu Books)
  1. ACS Publications publisher, serial subscription
  1. Blackwell North America publisher
  2. Books.combook news, book review catalog
  3. Books@Random publisher
  4. Demco Media publisher, serial subscription
  5. Elsevier Science publisher
  6. Emery-Pratt Company distributor, book, audio visual, media
  7. Gale publisher
  8. Helpful Addresses: 1500+ US Newspaper Addresses publishers directory
  9. Highsmith Press publisher
  10. InFocus Research Services information broker
  11. Information Today, Inc. publisher
  12. In My Book LLC friends, bookstore, fundraiser, greeting card
  13. International League of Antiquarian Booksellers rare books, out-of-print books, antiquarian booksellers, united states, international
  14. The Internet Bookshop bookseller
  15. Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers publisher
  1. MCB University Press publisher, online journals, database
  2. Mountain Press Publishing Company, Inc. publisher
  3. NICEM (National Information Center for Educational Media) educational database, media database
  4. Oxford University Press publisher
  5. The Penguin Group publishers’ catalogs, penguin books
  6. Powell’s Books publisher
  7. Pro-Culture Editions(TM) publisher, cds, history, culture, arts, music
  8. Routledge N.Y. Online publisher
  9. Timeless Books publisher
  10. The Whole Web Book Search book dealer