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How to borrow the books?

Note: Textbooks will issue for 07 working days only and will be reissued next day.
Note: visiting faculty members will draw book from library with the approval of concerned HOD (one book/per subject for 15 days).

  1. A valid library card is must for borrowing the Book(s) and other material.
    Book(s) returned after due date, a fine of Rs.10/- per day will be charged.
  2. If the book return date is on weekend/off day then return it one day earlier.
    All text books must be returned to library, 15 days prior to semester end.
  3. Reference material, CD-ROMs,(original) periodicals, and newspapers will not be issued. They can only be consulted within the library premises.
  4. Book(s) will be reissued if it is not required by any other member on the next day but not reissued on the same day. Book(s) will have to be presented at the time of reissue.
  5. Student/Library member will submit any book(s) or other material, when requested by the library staff.
  6. Do not write, underline or mark any book(s). Library book(s) are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for the damage.
    Any student/library member caught mutilating or stealing library materials will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee and membership will be suspended till decision. If a student/library member continues this act, his/her membership will be permanently canceled.
  7. In case of loss or damage, the student/library Member will be charged the double price of book(s) or other material.
  8. Do not change configuration of computers or any other equipment in the library. Bahria University IT code of conduct must be observed while using IT applications.
  9. All library fines are only paid with the accounts department. Library account will be blocked if the fine is not paid.
  10. Faculty members will also follow the general rules and can borrow the library books according to their category.
  11. Faculty members (Regular and Visiting) are required to return the book(s) two week prior to the commencement of the final semester.
  12. All visiting faculty should get proper library clearance at the end of each month otherwise their final payment should be stopped till clearance.
  13. The Library shall maintain newspapers and periodical of the preceding calendar year and the old ones may be disposed off by the library staff in a suitable manner with the approval of the Director
  14. Head of the Departments are required to send the list of the text/ recommended books required for each course being offered, at least 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the classes.
  15. Library will receive only one copy of final project /Thesis of each graduating student sent by exam section.
  16. Any one who leaves the institute or University without returning the book(s) borrowed from the library, the price of the books(s) will be adjusted against his dues with the institute or University.
  17. Library will be closed for 15 days at the end of every year for annual stocktaking.
    Annual stock taking report will be submitted to competent authority for right off and dispose of the book(s) and other material.
  18. Rector/Director Campus are empowered to issue further instruction or permit relaxation in these rules.