Dean Management Sciences

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zahid

Dean Management Sciences

Principal Bahria Business School (Karachi)

Bahria University, Pakistan                                                                                                






In the new age of global business landscape, disruption is the new normal. Every technological shift brings reactions that filter down to the workplace. To thrive in this dynamic landscape, the world needs business leaders who are flexible, adaptable and ready to contend with an uncertain future. At Bahria Business School, we have embraced this challenge in the way we teach, share working knowledge and conduct action based research. Our core endeavor remains clear as we foster to provide transformative education, to groom the next generation of leaders, and to cultivate a strong research culture contributes towards socio-economic development.


The academic orbit of Bahria Business School provides diversified portfolio of Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Programs. These programs are highly competitive and attract stakeholders with widely diverse backgrounds. Our degree students are driven, confident, and arrive with strong records of achievement. In addition, Bahria Business School offers a wide range of customized programmes for senior executives and managers. Recognizing the quality of our programmes and our graduates, Bahria Business School has consistently been ranked among the best Business Schools by Higher Education Commission (Pakistan). In line with highest standards in business education, National Business Education & Accreditation (NBEAC) has accredited the quality of business programs.


Among our faculty of more than 200, we are proud – and fortunate to have experienced faculty who excel in both applied research and skills based teaching. Our large strand of growing alumni chapter represents an immense resource for the business school. With a presence in every sector and continent, our students benefit from this vast network giving them access to information, industry mentors, job opportunities and entrepreneurship drives.


We welcome you to join our community of faculty, staff, students and alumni who are committed to uplift socio-economic development based on shared knowledge economy.


Profound Regards;

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naveed

Dean Management Sciences

Principle Bahria Business School

(Bahria University, Pakistan)