20 Feb 2020


Where I stand………


It’s a strange feeling, a tendency to break and shatter into pieces. Realization, no matter how big or small, no matter how tragic or mild, we all at one point in our lives just wake up to the question. What am I??? I am worth the time, resources and love spent on me???? Do I have the tendency to give back?? What have I become in all my time here on earth/school/college/ university/job/home?? Where do I stand???

It’s hard to believe that spending so much time in a pink bubble feeling that I have achieved so much in my life that I realize today that I am nothing. I might be a bright student, I might be the most welcoming person you meet and I might be the craziest memory of your life. But do I make a difference? It easy for one to say that I am an influencer, that because of me people feel happy and wanted. But does that really mean anything? I mean I am not against influencers but are your influences making someone a better person? Are they making him worth his value? And moreover are you sure that you are worth the time, money and energy that others have spent on you?

To be fair it’s one question that we all have in our minds, but never give time to this confusion. We ignore it, we try to silent it, but it never goes away. We all have purpose in this life, a teacher teaches, an architect designs, a IT specialist develops, a policymaker plans and everyone does one thing or the other in this world, but do we stop for a second and think that what I do today, what impact will it have tomorrow and on who? Do I make a difference in this world? Or am I just a substitute.

People say one should study what he or she feels moved about? But does that study lead me to a job? A career? Or does it leave me confused and helpless? For me I know that I have the power of words that I can and will use to move people, but there are hundreds of them who can and will beat me. So how will I be one of kind? How will I reach where I want to? How ill I find my path?

No philosopher or educator or professor can answer this, but YOU. You hold the power to make or break your future. We should follow our hearts and take decisions of what I want to do and the min will automatically make a way to secure that decision. We just need that mille second in our lives when we embrace ourselves and accept our flaws and yet feel proud because we are all unique and important and we just need to decide where we stand.

We just need to know one thing that making money is important, but not all accountants or engineers or IT personal can make it. Neither can all entrepreneurs or leaders, we can be a teacher and still feel proud that one day the student you taught can become a prime minister and remember you that you made a change in his life. So remember to be the change that you

want and live for others only then can we know that we stand in a place where we can’t be replaced or pushed off from.

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