08 Dec 2019


Bahria Students Distribute Gifts To Senior Citizens

Bahria University distributed gift items to the people at Afiyat Old Homes on 12th May, 2018

By Our Staff Reporter

Afiyat is an umbrella term which literally means ‘reimbursement’. The word associates itself to a feeling or an act to empathize or repay someone well. Consequently, an organization, Afiyat Old Homes was established to serve  the senior citizens of our society who are abandoned by their families. The aim of the Afiyat organization is to stand up for peace, justice, and freedom. They take care of the rights of these oppressed individuals and honor them by giving them respect.

Bahria University Islamabad collaborated with Aafiyat Old Homes to provide gift hampers comprising of daily essential products like soaps, shampoos or deodorants to both males and females on 12th May’ 2018. The old people were so happy to see visitors and cheerfully received them.

The event included an interactive session that involved introduction of both the BU volunteers and the old people. Different problems and issues were addressed by the old citizens. They narrated their stories and their experience. It was very heart wrenching and evolved realization amongst the students about the importance of parents.

Towards the end, a group photo was taken to regard the day. The event proved to be a requirement and was favorably acknowledged by everyone, especially by the volunteers.

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