18 Nov 2019


UN Security Council president welcomes awarding of Nobel Peace Prize to Ethiopian PM

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) — South Africa’s UN ambassador, in his capacity as Security Council president for the month of October, on Friday welcomed the awarding of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

“We really appreciate his efforts in normalizing relations with Eritrea, and his considerable effort to help the Sudanese to come together and (to have) agreed to move forward. That had also had influence on South Sudan,” Jerry Matjila told reporters.

“So we think it’s appropriate, it’s timely that the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to Dr. Ahmed.”

He noted that the Security Council will be meeting with Ahmed in 10 days’ time in Addis Ababa. “And we have a chance to say to him: Mr. Prime Minister, well done! You make us proud. And we have seen that your effort is helping us as the Security Council to encourage peace prospect in the Horn of Africa.”

The Security Council is scheduled to visit South Sudan and Ethiopia between Oct. 18 and Oct. 24.

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