18 Nov 2019


Trump-backed bill to fund border wall fails in Senate

WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) — A bill backed by U.S. President Donald Trump that will fund a border wall failed to pass the Senate on Thursday.

The bill, which needs 60 yes-votes to move forward, was supported by 51, and opposed by 47.

Two Republican senators, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Mike Lee of Utah voted no on the bill, while Democratic senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia voted yes.

The Senate will proceed to vote on a bill produced by Democrats which calls for a temporary reopening of the U.S. government without funding for a border wall. It will also need 60 votes to move forward.

The votes are a major showdown between the two parties 34 days into the unprecedented government shutdown, while neither are expected to pass. Analysts believe the votes will be an indicator of the mood among lawmakers and provide a clearer direction for negotiators in the coming days.

On the same day, a Democrat-backed bill to temporarily open the U.S. government without funding a border wall requested by the White House also failed to pass the U.S. Senate.

The bill, which would fund government agencies until Feb. 8 and needs 60 yes-votes to process, was supported by 52 and opposed by 44.

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