20 Feb 2020


Time to let go………..



BSS 2016-2019

It’s not easy to accept that we have to leave and walk our paths, we need to be ready to let go and just remember that life is not about the last moments that we spend, it’s about the moments that lead up to that moment. And it’s hard but we all have to walk down that alley and say our goodbyes. It’s the last six months, the last moments of being foolish, making mistakes and regretting them. The last time to cherish our lives before it ends for forever (or at least the fun part of it) and the last moment to cherish the people in it.

It’s also my last six months before I step into the real and harsh world, the time that I will miss immensely, the small fights that felt like the end of time will be like my memories when I get a scolding from my boss. Our stealing food from the others and sharing lunches or treating one and other will be the tear that will fall off my eyes on the lunch time when I am eating alone. The memories made there will be the most priced achievement, something I won’t be able to let go off anytime soon.

We all have sweet and sour stories to spill out on the reunion that we will have 10 years from now and we will all cry and scream and shout and fight each other and then say goodbye again……………. BUT I’M NOT SAYING IT

Because you like it or not I am not going to say it, nevertheless I’ll say see you soon, because life is too short for goodbyes and too long for I’ll see you again and I want to be the person who people would want to see. Be it after two decades even I would want to see them, I can’t let go of people who have been a part of my life for four years just like that and so I’ll wait. I’ll wait it out till the last time we are in a class together or the last laughter that we share I’ll wait for a see you soon rather than a goodbye.

Six months to graduation and six months of life I want to enjoy with all who mean the world to me today.


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