21 Aug 2019


This 19-year-old woman will swim in the Olympics for Pakistan

Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid released her second short documentary from her Dream Big Pakistan series. This time it’s on swimmer Lianna Swan.

“Because if they see me doing it, and they’ve seen me swim and they’ve seen me train and they’ve seen me being able to go to the Olympics, then they know, there’s no reason they can’t go to the Olympics as well,” she adds.

Mind you, Lianna is no newcomer to swimming, in fact, she has been a professional swimmer since she was 12.

SOC Films stated, “Having competed in the Asian Games, the FINA World Cup (Dubai 2011), FINA World Aquatics Championships (Barcelona 2013) and the FINA World Championships August 2015, held in Kazan-Russia, Lianna has been representing Pakistan internationally since 2010. Most recently, she won the Gold Medal at the South Asian Games held in India in February 2016.”

Lianna will be competing in the Women’s 50m freestyle category tomorrow.

This is the second documentary Sharmeen Obaid has made under the banner #DreamBigPakistan, of the two women representing Pakistan in the Olympics.

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