26 Feb 2020


EDITORIAL : The Trump Blunder

US President Donald Trump has pushed the middle east region on the brink of war by assassinating General Soleimani in Iraq. The US drone attack was a flagrant violation of international norms and a blatant attempt by the US to illegally assert its military writ in the region.

Even the Americans are not happy with the warmongering of their president. The Pentagon has clarified that it will not follow Trump’s instructions to bomb Iranian cultural sites. This rash declaration of picking 52 sites including Iranian cultural locations protected under the UNESCO protocol depicts Trump’s ignorance of international treaties and norms.

As the Mongols once destroyed Baghdad and its rich culture – the Americans repeated the act very bravely by destroying Iraq’s economy and infrastructure. Trump’s jingoistic policies aimed at pleasing Isreal and his business partners is increasing volatility in the region compelling the Iranian regime to retaliate with missile attacks on US military bases in Iraq.

Trump had tweeted that all was well after the Iranian strikes as no US casualties were reported in the attack. US military allies in Iraq have decided to move out their troops from Iraq and are now shy to be part of the US-Iran conflict.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have rightly stated that the US and the world cannot afford a war now. With the war going on in multiple regions of the middle east Trump should have taken measures to deescalate the tensions and not raise the temperatures by ordering the assassination of Gen. Soleimani.

Ignoring the warning of the UN and international bodies Trump would be fighting a losing battle which would plunge the gulf economies into a crises.

ARAMCO lost 200 billion dollars in just a day after the killing of the Iranian general. With a few more missile attacks the strait of Hormuz which is a major oil transit would become unsafe for ships and make oil more expensive and economic recessions a threat to regional economies.

Please do share your views on the current crises in the middle east.

Your Editor

Shahzad Badar



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