13 Dec 2018


Taliban Express Desire to Talk Peace


After the ruthless terrorist attacks that killed 150 in Kabul the Taliban’s have dropped another surprise – the Taliban want to talk peace with the Americans while constantly refusing to sit on the negotiating table with the government in Kabul.

International players particularly the regional players interested in restoring peace in Afghanistan have yet to see their efforts bear fruit. The Chinese, Russian, Iranian’s and the Pakistani government have not yet succeeded in convincing the Taliban to drop their guns and initiate peace talks with their rival groups in Kabul.

The American military strategy in the last two decades has failed miserably in containing the Taliban threats and expansion. The call for peace addressed to the “American people” and “peace-loving congressmen” should be welcomed by the Trump administration.

Negotiations with the Taliban is the only way out of the Afghan quagmire for the US and for the restoration of peace in the region.

The Taliban have rightly pointed out the failures of US using force to resolve the issue. The government of Pakistan and other regional governments have spoken about the need for a political solution to solve the Afghan conflict.

“If the policy of using force is continued for another one hundred years, the outcome will be the same” claim the Taliban.  The 2,800-word Taliban letter quotes US and UN statistics – “3,546 American and foreign soldiers” killed,  “87 percent rise” in heroin production in 2017, and the assessment from the US watchdog the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction that Taliban control on the ground has increased significantly.

Under the prevailing circumstances, the US policy of not negotiating with the Taliban will further intensify the crises in Afghanistan.  END

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