16 Oct 2019


Sales Gala: Bahrians Eat to the Beat!

By: Haleema Asad

25th April, students, and staff gathered to enjoy a stomach-filling event; Sales Gala. The event held food stalls of different restaurant and fast food places. The most mouthwatering food servings included Biryani, Chicken Tikka, and Afghani Burger. With a glass of fresh chilled lemon soda. Yum! In addition, songs were also played in the background. Quoting a student,
“Yahhan tou party scene on hai!”

The event itself was held in front of XC campus. Under a large white tent, stalls were set up all around – students and businesses both advertising their food stalls- a few benches lined up in the center for the customers to sit and enjoy their food. The stage was set up perpendicular to Juice Zone, with a bold and bright background board highlighting the name of the event.

Students enjoyed themselves immensely however, they also criticized the event saying that there was not enough variety of food. Desi food – biryani – was the star of the show as almost all stalls were selling it. Moreover, Subway did not receive as many customers; rather everyone flocked to other stalls such as Chatkhara Point, Hanif Rajput, Midnight 21, Mirch 360°, Ami ki Biryani, etc.

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