20 Feb 2020


Pouring down blessings


It’s mythology and an old saying that when God is really happy he sends down his blessings in form of rain and the rain makes the world all clear and clean after a long spell of heat and warmth. Though there is a logical and scientific reasoning behind it, but I like the romantic and magical/ fantasy filled version of the story.

MONSOON, is the season of long rain and water spell which come right after summer though since the time of our childhood we haven’t been taught of this as a season because rain may take place in winters, summers, spring or autumn, in short it occurs in any and every season and thus cannot be categorized as a season in specific. However monsoon spell is a specific time of the year after summers that combines multiple spells of rain and beings the start of autumn with it.

One thing all of the population living in hot and humid cities love is rain spell that lightens the mood and temperature. It gives them the comfort of a cold ice-cream in a burning desert and touch of ice on a burnt hand. It’s soothing and wonderful to fell what one feels. This is one things people at all ages love. Kids love it as puddles and playing in rain, gathering different insects and slimy bugs (trust me it was unhygienic but a lot of fun). Teenagers love it due to the budding romance that one feels in this age, office going youth loves it because it cools down the surroundings and sometimes you even get a half day. Old people love it because they can have tea and snacks (pakora, samosa, jalebi) and look outside their porch or window and see god pouring blessings on us.

It’s the perfect time to say thank you to God for all that he has done for you and to cherish the blessings that have been bestowed and pray for more happiness and thankful, kind and generous so that he is the same way with us.

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