19 Feb 2020


Pollution a growing menace

The human race is once again threatened by its own deeds. The demon of heavy consumption and burning of fossil fuels has turned the planet into a disaster zone.

Nature has been wildly disturbed by these human activities causing the forces that were once in balance to go angry and tear the ecosystem. The winds have turned into hurricanes and typhoons, the level of the oceans are rising while the living in it are being replaced by plastic and all sorts of rubbish-even the poles are showing signs of industrial pollutants.

With water sources and glaciers drying and melting away, the greenhouse effect or the accumulation of carbon dioxide and gaseous pollutants are intensifying global warming – threatening the survival of plant and animal species too.

Each country and individual is responsible to save the planet- as humans, we have no other alternative place to live. Most threatened with the scourge of pollution or global warming are the coastal cities and islands.

Big cities are choking with smog and the air quality is deteriorating day by day. Despite the move to adopt environment-friendly energy sources like wind and solar the harmful impact is reducing agriculture output and decreasing the span of human life. According to WHO, air pollution causes seven million deaths annually  – 90 percent in low income and middle-income countries.

Poor air quality kills, soot, smoke, mold, pollen, methane, and carbon dioxide are a  few examples of common pollutants. The air quality in Lahore and Karachi are among the worst in the world. Lahore is the second most polluted city while Karachi stands  7th for its bad air in the world according to Air Quality Index. Each resident of the city is losing 5 years of his life due to pollution.

The remedy is in our hands – we need to control the emission of gasses before our entire habitat becomes a toxic pool.

Help reduce pollution by adopting energy-saving habits. Please share your suggestion to control pollution with Bahria University Tribune.


Your Editor

Shahzad Badar



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