20 Feb 2020


On a Loop


Kulsum Sadruddin Uttanwalla

When you ask a small 6 year old about what he wants to become and how he imagines his/her life to be they usually end up having fascinating theories such as how they will have ample amount of fun and will be allowed to do things that they aren’t today. Fantasy driven kids say they will be a princess and wear a Tiera or a knight and will fight battles and war. As they grow up and start to observe their guardians they wish to be like them. They wish to go to the office with an office bag or a handbag to the school to teach and so.

Middle school and high school are fun, but we don’t believe it when people say that life is easy and we should enjoy it to the fullest, Carpe Diem, in easy word. But we ignore, avoid and well just move on.

The life goes on a robotic turn when you start your career, to be an entrepreneur and freelancer is one thing but to have a 9 to 5 job is another. It’s like the Instagram boomerang, its come to the office work work work work and more work and then lunch break and work again and then off time and then home, food and sleep and the same thing over and over again like we were a cassettes set on a loop and it was going on and on.

But that’s life isn’t it? A question that comes to our mind. Everybody is working their souls off to get to a position, make a good living and try to save so that we can be happy. Tell something are robots? No right? This means that we need to pause our lives for a second and try something new.

A real story of a girl named evaan who works at the airport security in Frankfurt, greets everyone and laughs all day with people, her work is tiring and hectic and so seeing her so joyful while the rest were all errrrrr I walked to her and asked her what the secret is. She said that she realized after the first week of her job that either she smiled laughed or made a poker face the duty would stay the same and the hours won’t pass faster with a grin and she also said that smiling at people helped her connect to people, which lead to conversation and which lead to passing of time more joyful and made others happy. She gave me a scientific logic as well, smiling uses less muscle work which means more energy and superb day.

In theory if this logic is applied then the life on loop can be as fun as making the Instagram boomerangs and watching it again and again. And so be happy, positive and do what you do good and if like most of the people you are in a job that is just for survival there is still one thing you can do. Smile your way through the miseries’ just like a great philosopher has stated, the key to success is to find that key…………………


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